Mascot Design

THE Mascot Company believes that design isn’t only about how something looks.  It’s also about how it works!  We approach each new mascot costume design by encouraging innovation and imagination, not only from our experienced mascot costume creationists, but also from our customers.  By incorporating new ideas, improving upon old ones and eliminating flawed or outdated techniques, we are always setting the bar higher with each new mascot costume design.

THE Mascot Company design process takes several factors into consideration, including but not limited to the following:

  • Primary audience: Is your character geared to young children or sports fans of all ages?

  • Attitude: Will your character be fierce or friendly, confident or goofy?

  • Main use: Will your mascot costume be used for meeting and greeting, or will it be performing athletic stunts?

  • Performer: Do you have one professional performer, or several volunteers?

  • Environment: Primarily indoors or out? Hot climate or more snow than sun?

All of these characteristics are important when determining the form and function of your mascot costume and character.



Custom Mascot Costumes

Having a great mascot character isn’t much use if you don’t have a great costume to go with it. THE Mascot Company, has the best mascot costume creationists in the business.  We know how to make a mascot costume look great, perform beautifully and last a long time.

Whether you an existing character and need a new mascot costume or whether you are starting from scratch,  THE Mascot Company will bring your character to life by building you the best mascot costume for the money…PERIOD!

Here are the advantages of choosing an TMC Original™ mascot costume:

  • TMC Original™ Guarantee – No one will ever have a mascot character exactly like yours. There will be no other costume like it!

  • Custom BuildTMC Original™ mascot costumes are built to fit your specific needs and expectations.

  • Highest quality materials – The materials we use are built to last and can function in all types of conditions. They are lightweight, and non-absorbent to prevent water-logging and rotting.

  • Washable – Our mascot costumes are completely washable!

  • High Performance – Our compact, lightweight design, independent head movement and wide field of vision allow for a higher level of performance for any type of mascot appearance.

  • Safety – Performer and audience safety are paramount. We use no sharp edges or metal in the construction of our mascot costumes and in an emergency, access to the performer is easy and swift.

  • Durability – We stand behind our products with a 2 year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. With active use and proper care, our mascot costume should last several years.


ReFURbishments, Rebuilds & Repairs,

ReFURbishment:  Perhaps the best thing about owning a TMC Original™ mascot costume is that your character will never need to be replaced!  When your mascot costume reaches the end of its lifespan, we can refurbish it instead of replacing it entirely. 

The most expensive part of your mascot costume is the head. Our special materials and techniques allow us to replace the fur cover, touch up features and make repairs as needed.  This keeps your character consistent.  Then we make a new body and feet and you essentially get a new mascot costume at a fraction of the cost of replacing it entirely.

Rebuilds and Repairs:  At THE Mascot Company, we understand that we haven't created all the mascot costumes that exist in the world!  We are trying!  But for those who need a new costume, and don’t want to change the concept of their character, we can still help.  We will accurately re-build any mascot costume using our design and construction quality, and keep your mascot character consistent.

We will also repair any mascot costume out there, whether we built it or not! Just give us a call!