RL Stevenson Parrot.jpg

R.L. Stevenson School

"Pirate Parrot"

This is a perfect example of how consultation with a client produces the best outcome.  

Robert Louis Stevenson School, named after the author of "Treasure Island", came to us, envisioning a swashbuckling privateer as their mascot.  The point was to represent their school logo and the school's namesake as a mascot. 

The problem was that their logo is a gruff looking, scary-ish pirate that might not relate to the young families and kids they were trying to reach.  They needed a more appealing mascot concept.

After some great conversations, and some creative thinking, this is the result!  A great character that checks all of the "must have" boxes.  It keeps the pirate theme, invokes their logo and speaks to their audience. 

We are pleased to welcome the "Pirate Parrot" into our furry flock!

"Pirate Parrot" is a TMC Original™ design.