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Cache Valley Creamery

When it comes to custom mascot costumes, we expect to be asked to create anything...within reason.  So, we usually have to keep an open mind.  Some concepts can be way out there, but....to be honest, we didn't know what to think when our friends at Cache Valley Creamery asked us to bring 2 of their most popular cheese products to life as mascot costumes.  

Cheese?  How do you make a cheese mascot costume??  (We thought they'd ask us to make cow!!)

Instead, "Mr. Mozza"...the cheese string and "Colby Jack" were born!  Our best advice to them...be cheese...don't' be cheesy!  Either way, They are always smiling and saying "Cheese"!  

We are so proud to welcome these larger than life...and truly unique characters into our mascot family!

'Colby Jack' and 'Mr Mozza'  are TMC Original™ designs.